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#IamHipHOP Ok so you know I’m new to the channel line Ups, but I am her to shake thing’s Ups a whole lot. On way is by starting some some good trouble! So why we say that we are Hip Hop? because we are! just think about all these other genres of music and what why convey to the public, country music is that achy Breakey heart, rock we created that also, pop is ours as well to be honest, thanks to the king of pop Michael Jackson, and then there is HIP HOP! that really real poetry in motion, word play has to out shine the production, and that real every day urban street corner everyday reality genuine life story telling, fight power, and we made this cocky NEW YORK CITY SWAGGER! yes yes you have to love that #IamHIPHOP dynamic synergistic energy, that vibe, that source, that VIDEO MUSIC BOX, BETTER THEN YO M-TV RAPS, BIG TIGGA WAS THE CLOSEST, in your face Hip Hop music.

You know that HIP HOP was like Las Vegas [was made by the MAFIA], LOTTO {was stated in the criminal underworld [Bumpy Johnson did it best], just like the movie SCAREFACE DEPICTED [how drug money during the Cuban missile crisis-built MIAMI FLORDA], Hip Hop was created in the street landscapes of THE BRONX NEW YORK CITY but was taken over by the industry. and much like Las VEGAS, the lotto, MIAMI, and HIP HOP are all created by the built up through the efforts of criminal enterprises that see what those up high in those ivory towers cannot. That we the people of the earth make it all truly posable. But you have the power, for now! #IAMHIPHOP
We are Hip-Hop. We rise like Hip-Hop. It’s in our blood and all about lineage.
Hip-Hop is a collaborative musical renaissance – born from multiple generations, cultures, and ethnic regions. Jazz, Rock, Pop, Rap. The result? A multi-billion-dollar industry.
There’s a King of Pop, King of Jazz, King of Rock, right? These art forms inspire artists to strive for excellence. They all want to be #1, right?

Every King needs a castle, a realm, a prodigy. Kings are beyond men. They can see past their own ego to see what matters-that we are all in this together. After everything we have done to get where we are today-we can’t let that be in vain. We need generational wisdom, skills, and techniques to be passed from one generation to the next. We NEED to keep the lineage of greatness going and we can only do that by propping one another up. When one of us makes it, we see more clearly that it’s possible-there’s a chance that we can make it too…
A King understands this and knows it is essential to find a successor with potential to do something more profound than they did.

A few Kings come to mind: JayZ, Nas, Drake and Eminem. These artists are #1 of their craft of lyricism, swag, and cross-genre collaboration. Not everyone has the talent for cross-genre versatility. JayZ found a successor in J Cole-someone with a pure, raw, vigor for real Hip-Hop.

We, Talk Hip Hop TV, believe Eminem should personally look into MIXXXZI and take him under his wing. MIXXXZI is the guy! He reminds me of Eminem. He can flow rhymes at the drop of a hat and go all day. He embodies Hip-Hop with his creativity, freestyle, flow, natural raw talent, and has a seemingly never ending well of rhymes to draw from. He’s young, fresh, and unique. Sometimes you feel like you’re on another planet listening to what he can do with his psychedelic flow.

He’s a survivor flying solo ever since the unexpected death of his mother-may she rest in peace. MIXXXZI lost his rock, his #1 fan, and found himself much more alone in the world. This deep grief can be heard, if you listen closely, in various songs.

While waiting for his last music deal to go through, he was robbed, shot, and left for dead. He is one resilient MF though-still making music every day. He can’t live without it- it’s his sustenance. He’ll record music in the car, basements, U-Hauls, parks, backyards, covid quarantine facilities-you name it-he’s fearless. He excels beyond his competition, but he’s not being heard. MIXXXZI has a story to tell, y’all gonna listen?

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