Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, stay safe.
This channel will feature music for dancers. I also have the channels “Mellow Soul” (mid-tempo) and “Slow Soul” (ballads).
Please note that I edit audio content (to compensate for known digital conversion issues) to enhance sound closer to an analogue source.

See my PLAYLISTS of music organised by decade to appeal to all age groups.
Also check out my other CHANNELS based on music genre or tempo.

These video postings have been created by “Digital Music Jukebox” aka #DMJ, a Microsoft Windows application I wrote to provide an immersive visual experience to accompany audio. Now I don’t have to search for the vinyl or cause further wear to the records, and yes, some CDs. I have been using it for years but the lockdown meant I had time to update and improve it.

The player is automatic with optional enhancements: cross-fading, sound transitions effects, spinning vinyl record, images of the artists and a brief narrative. But you can get more involved if you want, allowing any novice to take control. This makes it great for parties, social gatherings or just by yourself. I’ve received very positive feedback from friends and family.

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