Donut Man

Expect to make a mess when eating the Donut Man’s famous strawberry and peach doughnuts. Each one is made by slicing a glazed doughnut in half and stuffing it to the brim with fruit. Since 1972, this modest shop has operated 24 hours a day out of Glendora, and during regular hours in Grand Central Market.


Mochinut is perfect for Los Angeles. With locations sprinkled throughout the region, this shop specializes in Korean rice flour hot dogs, bubble tea, soft serve, and mochi doughnuts. The latter originated in Hawaii by combining traditional doughnuts with mochi.

Big Jim’s Donuts

Big Jim’s Donuts developed regulars over the decades by making great traditional doughnuts while remaining open 24 hours a day. The shop sits on an iconic street corner, directly across the street from LA staple Pioneer Chicken. This classic East LA spot does far more than glazed and apple fritters, staff also make breakfast sandwiches, elote, and more.

Sidecar Donuts

Sidecar makes doughnuts throughout the day at all six LA locations, so the possibility of warm fritters is likely on every visit. The entire menu is worth trying, but the cakey huckleberry doughnut is the standout.

Colorado Donuts

Folks travel from all corners of SoCal to visit Colorado Donuts. Though this Eagle Rock doughnut maker fries up consistently solid traditional doughnuts, don’t overlook the ones decorated with the latest movie characters or a fluffy raised doughnut stuffed with Twix bars in the display case.

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