‘Some experiences had to be treated like a dream – a well-played trick of the mind that once made you feel alive when really you were fast asleep.’

The Bad Wedding Date by Vicki James was so much more than what we first anticipated. From the cover and title, it sounded like your bog-standard fake wedding date trope, and we mean no disrespect saying that it’s usually a hit and miss for us. And whilst the synopsis grabbed us and had us eagerly waiting for it to drop onto our kindles, we could not in any way have envisaged just what this Author had in store for us. This is definitely NOT your bog-standard fake wedding date scenario; this is SO much more! Well done Vicky James on taking a much-written about scenario and turning it on its head in such a unique well-written fashion. This story intrigued us and kept us riveted from start till finish. The Bad Wedding date drew every emotion out of us along the way, as it explored that grey area between right and wrong whilst emphasising what unconditional love really entails.

“Sometimes, sweetheart, the best things in life come to us in the most fucked up of ways.”

Charlotte Grant comes from a family wholly caught up in grandeur and public image. It’s not what you know darling, it’s who you know. Because, if you don’t look good, we don’t look good. Blah blah blah…you know the type of people we’re talking about here. The boring and fake kind! Well, unlike her family, Charlotte is not shallow, nor is she pretentious or two-faced. Rather, she’s kind, giving and everything her family is not, she is kind to the bones. We did find her at times to be slightly too self-deprecating, which wore us down a bit, however, we couldn’t not love her for what she stood for, what she believed in, and how she treated others. In the face of the hatred and belittling, she was a victim too, we rooted for her to fight back and stand tall, facing them all head-on. But sometimes we get stuck much like a broken record, and we need that gentle nudge from someone who only has our best interest at heart, someone who pushes us to roarrrrr with self-confidence! We need that unconditional love to bolster our strength, without making us into something we naturally despise ourselves.

‘Sometimes, in the middle of chaos lies beauty. Charlotte happened to be mine.’

Fraser Scott is a bit of an enigma. We fell down the notorious rabbit hole, trying to figure out just what Fraser was all about and what he needed Charlotte for. We immediately felt the attraction and connection he developed for her. Fraser was a man on a personal mission, a keeper of secrets, and a bringer of violence and justice. He was LUSCIOUS! What he brought out in Charlotte and she in him was pure magic to read, and we devoured every moment.

“I know what I did, Charlotte, but I can’t regret it because it led me to you…”

We fell in love with Fraser and Charlotte instantly, we suppose you could call it insta love –pun intended – and as for them as a couple, we swooned…HUGE SWOON! Sparks flew and pulses raced! The Bad Wedding Date is a wild ride; it’s twisty and passionate, dark, and thrilling and it’s definitely one of our favourites by Vicki James. Fabulously written it commands your attention and this Author certainly knows how to grab a reader’s attention!

“Sorry, it’s been a day.”
“That’s all it takes sometimes.”

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