In The Boys Season 4 Episode 6, titled “Dirty Business,” Hughey, Starlight, Marvin, and Kimiko sneak into Tek Knight’s mansion after learning that the latter is planning something big with Homelander and Sister Sage. Meanwhile, Butcher continues to torture Sameer with the apparent help of Joe Kessler, leading to some shocking revelations for fans. So, here is the ending of The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 explained with details on what happened to Joe.

What happened at the end of The Boys Season 4 Episode 6?

In Episode 6, during their break-in, Hughie pretends to be a Supe named Webweaver and is soon placed on a BDSM contraption by Tek Knight. Ashley (Colby Minifie) arrives later, and together with Tek Knight, puts Hughie through a harrowing and traumatic experience, believing him to be Webweaver. Meanwhile, the other members of The Boys realize that something is wrong. Marvin shoots Sister Sage in the head. Although she survives because of her powers, the temporary but severe brain damage she suffered nearly costs Homelander the support of powerful people from Washington for his coup against the President-elect, Robert Singer. Fortunately for Homelander, Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) steps in and salvages the situation.

Marvin suffers a panic attack, and A-Train takes him to the hospital, continuing his transformation into a true hero. Annie and Kimiko rescue Hughie and force Tek Knight with Laddio’s help to reveal that Homelander wants to use his prisons as internment camps for dissdants. Eventually, Tek Knight is killed by Elijah, the man who raised him.

The following day, Firecracker tells Homelander about the break-in and Tek Knight’s death. She also reveals that she can now lactate because of “a long regimen of drugs,” immediately drawing Homelander’s interest.

Elsewhere, Butcher continues to torture Sameer, who reveals that they can’t make the Supe-killing virus strong enough to kill Homelander because it then changes and becomes airborne and highly contagious. It can even potentially wipe out all the Supes in the world.

As Butcher realizes the implication of that, Kessler seems unsettlingly happy with the prospect of causing mass death. Becca, who Butcher knows is a hallucination, passionately argues against whatever Kessler says. But the moment Kessler addresses her, Butcher realizes that he is also a hallucination, caused by the ever-growing tumor in his brain.

Is the real Joe Kessler alive or dead in The Boys Season 4?

As the Kessler that Butcher’s mind created reveals, the real Joe Kessler died in Panjshir Valley in northeastern Afghanistan after Butcher left him behind. Although Butcher initially refuses to believe this, he realizes that it’s the truth.

Will Billy Butcher kill all supes in The Boys Season 4 or 5?

While it remains unknown whether Butcher will attempt to kill all Supes, The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 shows that there is a clash between good and evil inside Butcher’s mind. The hallucination of Becca represents the humanity and morality that remains in Butcher, while Kessler is the part that wants to burn the world down in his pursuit of revenge.

Although Butcher does care about the Supe members of his team, it’s ultimately with Ryan that the last traces of his sanity are anchored. Now that Butcher knows that something is immensely wrong with him even beyond the tumor, he can course-correct and focus on his goal of getting Ryan back. Alternatively, he can become one of the main antagonists in Seasons 4 and 5, especially if something happens to Ryan.

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