Science states: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it has fallen to the dark side we know as trendy. In LA Brunch is more social gathering than protein infusion. Throw a rock in DTLA, and you might hit at least five breakfast spots. Afterward, you will be arrested for vandalism, so throw small pebbles. The morning munching collective must learn to weave through the collection of She, She foreign cuisine or mom-and-pop slop shops that roam the outskirts of the city. It’s a wise strategy to research the destination of your pre afternoon dining delight. Due to the fact some of the places have lines that rival Disney on bustling Sunday mornings. Here are my favorite breakfast spots in the city of hungry angels. Bon appetite.


This Silver Lake eatery offers original Taiwanese breakfast delights such as purple rice fan tuan and daikon rice cakes served from 8 am to 11 am. Towering thousand-layer pancakes stuffed, full of basil and cheese, with a variety of dishes from Highland Park’s Joy on York, are available. The DTLA outside patio has open-air seating blessed with a wonderful central location. If you a running late you can turn breakfast into Brunch at this breakfast treasure.


If you are missing the Mom and Dad eateries; this downtown Culver City spot is the place to be. A little forewarning – this is a cash only establishment. Enjoy biscuits and gravy along with country-fried steak, which are popular staples to be enjoyed with a piping hot medium roast. The platter-sized chocolate chips or blueberry pancakes will also fill your tummy with joy and comfort. The throwback, retro ambiance, and everyday people patronage make one feels they are outside the plastic city with all its pretty, wanna-be stars. The locals’ only spot has become one of my favorites.


Hello – burritos is a breakfast food! The bright blue-and-white café brings one a new way to enjoy breakfast. Protein is the word that best describes this eatery. Stuffed smoked potatoes, meaty chorizo, and Bludso’s hot links will fill you up to the point of contentment saddled with Cofax’s salsa on the side. The location rests on Fairfax which offers an interesting backdrop. Only a few seats are often available, so you might want to take a burrito to-go.


Los Angele’s best Tex-Mex spot specializes in Texas-sized breakfasts. The queso, breakfast tacos, and Migas are closer than one might hope. Yellow clouds of scrambled eggs are piled into either corn or flour tortillas filled with whatever your heart desires. The casual atmosphere allows you to ease back, while sipping on a frozen margarita, Paloma, or ranch water, topped off with Topo Chico, tequila, and lime—making the afternoon a lot easier. Wine, beer, and cocktails are also available. There are five locations across the city – Hollywood, Highland Park, Playa Vista, Pasadena, and Sherman Oaks.


The historic diner offers one of the best 24/7 breakfasts spots, with its high-quality service keeps the morning rumbling stomachs returning to delicious plates of heaven, ever since their first dollar was earned back in 1958. It’s very convenient for fliers in and out of LAX. The breakfast spot is part of Los Angele’s treasure past – you’re eating history. One might even say: they rival the fried chicken and waffles from their iconic rival Roscoe’s. The portions will fill you up – allowing a nice nap on your outgoing flight.

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