In the unpredictable world of The Boys, Compound V frequently causes unforeseen and often catastrophic effects. Season 4 Episode 5 presents a tragic and heartbreaking storyline centered on Hughie Campbell and his dad Hugh Campbell Sr., highlighting the dangers and uncertainty surrounding the use of Compound V.

So, let’s delve deep into why Compound V failed to fully heal Hughie’s father, Hugh Campbell Sr.

Why didn’t Compound V heal Hughie’s Dad’s stroke in The Boys S04E05?

The exact reason why Compound V failed to fully heal Hughie’s father remains unclear, as its effects are notoriously unpredictable.

In The Boys Season 4 Episode 4, Hughie’s father suffers a severe heart attack, leaving him in a coma. As he is admitted to the hospital, Hughie’s estranged mother, Daphne, reappears after abandoning the family many years ago. Hughie initially struggles with her but eventually tries to reconnect with his mother during this difficult time.

In a desperate bid to save his father, whom doctors have pronounced brain dead, Hughie obtains Compound V from A-Train. However, he hesitates to use it, aware of the potential consequences and its unpredictability. The episode subtly hints that Daphne, driven by her own desperation, steals the Compound V from Hughie and administers it to Hugh Sr.

In Episode 5, Hugh Sr. awakens, suggesting that the Compound V had some effect. However, it becomes evident that the impact was incomplete. Hughie’s father gains superhuman strength and the ability to phase through objects. However, his brain damage from the stroke is only partially healed. His memory fluctuates between the present and a time when Hughie was a child. This creates a dangerous and unpredictable situation.

In his confusion and newfound abilities, Hughie’s father accidentally kills three people within minutes. He becomes hostile toward Hughie and Daphne, unable to fully recognize them due to his impaired memory. Faced with the imminent danger his father poses, Hughie makes the heart-wrenching decision to euthanize him, prioritizing the safety of others and acknowledging the irreversible damage done.

There is no definitive reason why Compound V didn’t completely heal Hughie’s father. While Compound V often gives superhuman healing abilities, it does not always guarantee this outcome. Characters like Sister Sage have brains that can heal over a few hours, while others like Kimiko possess near-instant regenerative powers.

Although Compound V did partially heal Hughie’s father, some damage from the stroke persisted. This might indicate that Compound V is ineffective against pre-existing injuries or that Hughie’s father had a delayed healing response. Unfortunately, due to the immediate danger his father posed, Hughie couldn’t afford the time to investigate further.

The Boys continues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with complex narratives. As the season progresses, viewers can expect more answers to unfold.

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