Corporate Event Dances for the First Time! + DJ Overtime! | Hollywood, CA

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This video captures a fun corporate holiday event party at one of Hollywood’s clubs, Boulevard3!

On December 7, 2017, I had the honor to DJ on behalf of The One Up Group for a corporate holiday party at Boulevard3. They’re an entertainment and production company in Los Angeles who was in charge of bringing the entertainment for this corporate event. I was in charge of setting the vibe of the party and worked alongside a live band consisting of a violinist, saxophonist, and drummer. I even got the chance to work with sky drummers which were positioned on high sticks overlooking the crowd.

I’ve partied at Boulevard3 before, but this was my first time DJing in here and everyone was super nice! I only brought my controller, laptop, and in-ear monitors and connected to their main mixer. In a few moments, I was ready to rock the party.

This was my first time DJing for the company, and I was informed that the crowd isn’t really a dancing crowd. After hearing that, I decided to challenge that idea. I played a mixture of 80s, Motown, Top 40, R&B, hip-hop, and house beats. Eventually, people were starting to bob their heads, tap their feet, and eventually danced! I was contracted to perform till 12am, but they ended up extending me for another hour! I then even cranked it up a notch and played a bit of hip-hop and more club beats.

This was an amazing event and the planner, CEO, organizer, people, staff and everybody else had a great time.

This comes to show that music is definitely important at an event and having the right DJ contributes greatly to an event’s success.

Thank you for having me!

DJed on behalf of The One Up Group:


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