Day 3 was even more exciting them day 2 and 1. Ap and I go up against two other teams consisting of Flukmeister X LunkersTV and Andrew Flair X Jason May (Local Texas stick). The format was simple…catch 5 bigguns in a 3hr time frame. The loser has to buy both the 1st and 2nd place teams dinner. I hope none of you were too offended by the fish getting tossed. If you were offended and would like to complain feel free too, I won’t respond. If you’re curious to learn more about how some trout are stocked from airplanes then referred to the linked video below. Other than all that bologna I seriously hope you enjoyed this vid, I spent some time on it and had a blast editing and filming it. If you’re wondering…yes, that 31 Fishing twig did break when Apbassin slammed it. I guess those sticks can’t take the Ap heat! As always…keep fishing, never stop!
—Young Plugg.

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If dropping bass 3ft from the surface bothers you then you should watch this video:

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