My Top 5 Horror Films

What list is better to have during the holidays then my top five horror movies of all time. But hey, with last minute shopping, the mall can sometimes be a living horror show. These movies have kept me up late at night and kept disturbing images lodged in my cerebellum. Here are my top five horror flicks of all time.

5) Paranormal Activity

A young couple buys a home and start to have paranormal activity in their new place. The couple sets up a camera, then it gets scary. A demon entered their southern California abode. We watch the movie through a series of pieced together home videos. PA is a movie in the same vein as Blair Witch Project. Don’t let the Lo – Fi camera fool you. This films will keep you up at night.

4) Saw

Two men wake up chained in a grimy bathroom. What could possibly go wrong? Answer: Everything. The men realized they have been taken captive by the menacing figure Jigsaw, who makes they do some horrible things, in order to put together the puzzle to keep them alive, while their loved ones watch. What would you do for a Klondike bar? Die!!!!!

3) The Thing

Classic Alert:

Scientist at the Antarctica find a wounded dog. The dog starts to attack the people on the base. They soon find out the dog is a monster that can take shape. The camp doctor and helicopter pilot try their best to fight off the monster before it destroy them all. Eighties horror were some best. Frozen shape-shifting monster. What else could be better.

2) The Exorcist

Classic Alert:

The Exorcist has kept many awake at night and inspired others to join their local church for Sunday mass. Even though the film came out in 1973. I did not watch it until the early 2000s. The story is based on an actual exorcism that went wrong. A young girl comes under possession. Her mother is about to lose hope, when she finds a priest willing to help her. The church send help, and they attempt to fight the devil. This movie has been banned at different theaters when it first came out. Sleep with a cross under your pillow.

The Shining

Classic Alert:

Jack Torrance becomes a manger at an isolated hotel in Colorado. He stays there with his wife and son, who can see mysterious things. The writer’s work gets terrible, and he sinks into insanity, while his sons’ visions become more perverse. Jack sinks deeper into the hotel’s evil atmosphere as the writer comes homicidal. This movie made me sleep with the lights on, during the day. Watch is at your own risk.

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