Late Night Therapy is an Australian producer who hypnotic blend of progressive house elements has crafted him an addictive following. Throughout 2022, Harry Suttor (aka Late Night Therapy) gave us a collection of invigorating singles, such as “Getting Older,” and “Backseat Heartbeat,” which showcased just how talented he is as a songwriter in addition to producing.

We’re thrilled to premiere his latest single, “Through Your Eyes”, that’s a mesmerizing journey from start to finish. The trippy ambiance provides the backdrop as vocals float on top, building into a captivating climax.

Here’s what Late Night Therapy had to say about it:

“I wrote this song as an ode to the act of making music itself. The line heard in the intro “Take me there” is referring to the mental flow state I’m taken to whilst making music. Music for me is an outlet more than anything else. In order to be myself, I need to get in the studio and create. It’s something that I just have to do, like a type of Therapy.”

Listen below!

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