The creators of the extensive horror movie documentary movies In Search of Darkness are turning their bloodshot eyes toward horror video games for In Search of Darkness Presents: Terrorbytes; a five-part documentary series on the history of horror gaming.

Horror Gaming History Uncovered

Horror has grown into one of the most popular genres of video games over the past few decades, from the survival horror of Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil to more commercial horror-flavored fare like CoD Zombies, and importantly the surge in indie horror games that have led the way for the industry over the last 10-15 years.

The documentary series promises to go in deep on a wide variety of horror game history stories, and include insight from those in the know behind the games and those who live for them (I’ll assume they’ve not got around to asking for me yet as they’re very busy).

CreatorVC, the makers of the documentary, are asking for fan feedback on the website, and detailing exactly what its plans are with the series.

The official synopsis is as follows.

”In Search of Darkness Presents: Terrorbytes – The Evolution of Video Game Horror is a deep dive, retrospective documentary series covering the rich history, evolution and emotional core of the horror gaming landscape. Through separate episodes that each put a specific horror gaming topic under the microscope, viewers will be taken on a journey from video game horror’s humble beginnings to its explosion of popularity today — exploring throughout the series such thematic ideas as why we love scary games, how the design sensibilities of horror gaming break away from and upend traditional video game power fantasies, how horror games both draw from and inspire other mediums, and more.

From the formative ideas of 3D Monster Maze (1981) and Haunted House (1982), to the smash hits of Resident Evil (1996) and Silent Hill (1999), to the now thriving indie scene and the off-the-beaten-path obscurities, no stone will be left unturned in chronicling, analyzing and understanding the vivid and varied world of horror gaming.

With a huge scope displaying over 50 years of horror gaming history, Terrorbytes will discuss the psychology, themes, narratives, mechanics, visuals and development of these games with some of the most prominent figures involved in their creation as well as accomplished writers, academics, and horror talent.”

The episode titles and details are as follows

Enter the Survival Horror

An examination of horror gaming’s most famous sub-genre. Survival Horror birthed classics such as Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, and Dead Space. A solid place to start a series on horror gaming, that’s for sure.

Lethal Licences

A look at the use of licenses in horror games. As far back as the ’80s, horror movies were made into video games, and that’s not really stopped. These days, more horror movies and their characters appear in games than ever before, with the likes of Dead by Daylight collecting them in a single place and studios like Gun Media giving loving care to the likes of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in game form.

Full Motion Frights

FMV horror is a curious thing. It was certainly unique back in the ’90s, but it had a poor hit rate. A resurgence in the format has given this strange sub-genre new life.

The Indie Revolution

Indie horror is the lifeblood of the horror gaming scene. It blew up with the emergence of YouTube Let’s Plays, and has taken horror to new heights with games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, FAITH, Murder House, and Five Nights at Freddy’s paving the way over the years.

Cursed and Controversial

Documents the history of horror gaming’s most cursed and controversial moments, including Rockstar’s Manhunt, and Capcom’s Rule of Rose.

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