Chill R&B Beats Mix – Beats to Relax and Study (Vol.1) 🎧🎵 ,

We hope you enjoy these chill RnB future-bass, guitar, and soulful beats tunes while you studying, chilling, and working. ♥

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00:00 Pillow Love
03:08 Settle Down
06:20 Blue Sky
09:54 Be Yours
12:04 Lavender
17:11 Flawless
21:03 Fodness
24:17 Confession
27:37 Up Late / Insistent
31:36 Phases
35:29 Seoul
39:26 Drifting
43:05 Attractive
46:47 Wrong Place
50:25 Love Hurts
54:14 Gravity
57:53 Love Scene
01:01:12 Waves
01:03:41 Pillow Love
01:06:50 Settle Down
01:10:06 Blue Sky
01:13:35 Be Yours
01:16:47 Lavender
01:20:54 Flawless
01:24:44 Fodness
01:27:59 Confession
01:31:18 Up Late / Insistent
01:35:19 Phases
01:39:11 Seoul
01:43:06 Drifting
01:46:46 Attractive
01:50:28 Wrong Place
01:54:06 Love Hurts
01:57:53 Gravity
02:01:35 Love Scene
02:04:53 Waves

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