‘He kissed the way he played. With a fierce kind of grace and a controlled kind of power. But there was some dark, animalistic energy beneath the surface…’

Decker: Changing the Play is a Sports Rom-com, with a workplace romance theme (she’s the new owner of the team – he’s the star quarterback) and features the delectable John Patrick Decker. Known as Decker, he’s the tattooed thirty-six-year-old Quarterback in his last year of an eight-year stint with the Boston Tomcats, and he’s rather delicious!

“You have a lot of layers, Johnny Decker.”

We adore Kayley Loring’s rom-coms. They’re such fun feel-good, and she never fails to leave us in fits of laughter one minute and swooning the next whilst falling in love with her characters. This time Kayley Loring has joined forces with author Connor Crais, and it’s a partnership that worked very well, and we look forward to more from this writing duo.

“Clearly we brought something out in each other. Something different. Something special.”

If you love your football (NFL) and you’re in the mood for a sexy flirty banter, swoon, and giggles, this book will certainly leave you smiling from ear to ear. We were just as clueless as Hannah and did struggle a bit with some of the lingo and stats. But it’s all good, we were here for the romance.

Playing out his last year of an eight-year contract, Decker’s world is rocked when owner Jerry Strong passes away, even more so when he finds out the new owner is Jerry’s football clueless daughter Hannah. What she knows about football could be written on her little finger, much to the dismay of Decker.

Initially, there is a love/hate vibe between Decker and Hannah which provides some witty, snarky banter, together with an abundance of sexual tension. Hannah always came second to football in her Dad’s life, and she’s determined to never be second again. She certainly wouldn’t accept that from a relationship.

“..this can’t happen again, and now I really know it can’t. Because I’m never going to come in second place again.”

There was sweetness, swoon, heat, and some funny bone tickling in this fun read. You’ll love spending time with Decker and Hannah as they manoeuvre their relationship amongst the hallowed turf of the Minuteman Stadium, Boston.

“Whoa. Nobody’s calling you an asshole. This is New England. We only insult close friends and family to their faces here – and we mostly call them cawksuckahs.”


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