Hello everyone, welcome to Nutcracker Adventure Day 10 Full Body Stretching Routine. After 10 days of barre exercises, jumping, turn out routines and even variation tutorials its time to take a brake and have a good stretching routine.

Today with this short full body stretching follow along tutorial while listening to Waltz of snowflakes music, we will stretch hamstring, calves, hips flexors and back to mention some.

Video Description
0:00 Introduction
0:13 Stretching on the floor
4:24 Back stretches

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My name is Yelena and I was born in the small town of Pinar Del Rio, Cuba
From the age of seven I moved to Havana and started at a boarding school studying with the National Ballet School of Cuba (A scary but exciting opportunity for me!).

I then spent the next decade learning and honing my skills as a ballerina. Skills which I would then use to turn myself into a professional touring ballerina touring around Cuba.

With limited opportunities in my own country, I then took the amazing leap to traveling abroad and was lucky enough to be sponsored by a company to work in a stage show in China of all places!

Since then I have continued to perform and travel, and most recently have begun teaching. I truly believe I have lots of ideas to share with you as well as a in-depth view of the cuban ballet methodology for ballet.

My aim is purely to help you learn and enrich your ballet technique and increase your love for dance! ❤️

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