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‘Maybe the best way to cope with the loss of the people we love is to find them in as many places and things as we possibly can. And in the off chance that the people we lose are still somehow able to hear us, maybe we should never stop talking about them.’

*Chefs kiss ..5 stars! * And…right here is the reason why, after nearly 10 years, we will always be excited about a new release from Colleen Hoover. Her love stories come infused with a mixture of humour, sadness, deep-felt emotion, wonderfully relatable characters, and of course the sublime writing of this incredible author. What’s not to love? Colleen Hoover’s books are a reader’s dream, and we will forever devour every word she writes.

‘I feel like the words I’m about to say are the most important words that will ever come from me. I wish I was more prepared.’

Reminders of Him is an achingly emotion fuelled story of love, loss, second chances, and forgiveness told through the eyes of Kenna Rowan, who has recently been released after serving 5 years in prison, and Ledger Ward, the wonderful man so intrinsically tied to her past and present.

‘We’re all just a bunch of sad people doing what we have to do to make it until tomorrow.’

After the death of her boyfriend Scotty, and the completion of her prison sentence, Kenna returns to Scotty’s hometown in the hope of being allowed access to her daughter, who has been cared for in the last 5 years by Scotty’s parents, however, they have no intention of allowing Kenna access to her daughter. It’s a gut-wrenching situation and one that broke our hearts.

‘Grudges are heavy, but for the people hurting the most, I suppose forgiveness is even heavier.’

Not wanting to give away anything about the story, we promise this book will seep into your heart and soul. It’s a story you’ll be reflecting on, and feeling, long after closing the last page. And oh, that last page!! So beautiful, even whilst reading it through a flood of tears. We were left as emotionally drained, as we were emotionally fulfilled.

“Please don’t,” I whisper. “It hurts enough already.”
“I know. I’m sorry.”

The family dynamics were perfectly balanced, and the conflicted feelings between all the characters, especially Ledge, had our stomachs and hearts twisting in emotional turmoil. We understood every single feeling, we felt every single emotion. It was torture – but the good kind, where you know the pain will be worth it in the end.

‘I don’t like that the one person I dislike most in this world reminds me of the person I love the most.’

We don’t know how Colleen Hoover does it. How does she manage to tell story after story and each one feels so unique, so fresh, yet so ‘Colleen’. Reminders of Him is a must-read for all Colleen Hoover fans. And if you’ve never experienced this author’s genuine, heartfelt romances, then you need to get on the ‘Hoover Train’ immediately! Start with this book, and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

Bravo! For this all-encompassing, superbly written, and incredibly moving read! 5 unforgettable stars!

‘.. moments like these remind me that happiness isn’t some permanent thing we’re all trying to achieve in life, it’s merely a thing that shows up every now and then, sometimes in tiny doses that are just substantial enough to us going.’


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