“I think that any love that has the word if involved with it may not be the kind of love that lasts. True love should always be even though or in spite of, never if I hadn’t.”

The Summer Proposal was a somewhat slow burn, blind date sports romance, between workaholic Georgia Delaney, and Hockey player Max Yearwood. We say slow burn, but once the passion ignited…it combusted.

“We could have some fun. No strings attached.”

We really enjoyed the banter between Max and Georgia, but also Georgia’s best friend Maggie, she was a riot. Every girl needs a straight-talking Maggie to tell it as it is, or to talk you down when need be or get you on the sauce when you need a bit of alcoholic Dutch courage.

“Welp, you know the old saying. If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If not, go f**k yourself because you were an idiot for letting it go in the first place.”

When Georgia’s fiancé Gabriel takes a sabbatical in London, she’s not only blindsided with him leaving, but totally confused when he tells her they should have an open relationship while he’s gone, and he wastes no time in getting things happening on his side of the world, but for Georgia, her life wasn’t supposed to take this turn and she’s not one for one-night stands.

Still, she decided to go on a blind date, which ultimately gets hijacked by the very sexy and very decisive Max Yearwood, a hockey player for the New York Wolverines, and our girl Georgia just can’t resist his charms. Not to mention Max is a man who usually gets what he wants.

“If everything you’re saying is sincere, you’re too good to be true. Can you blame me for waiting for the other shoe to drop?”

But…Georgia has a lot to work out in her head (and her heart) and did promise herself to Gabriel, though why she held a torch for him we’ll never know. He would have been kicked to the kerb the minute he stepped out the door!

Can Georgia see sense and fall for the sweet and earnest Max? Can Max deal with the secret that is keeping him from committing to a relationship? Will their summer fling end? Only time will tell.

We did enjoy The Summer Proposal, even if a couple of things didn’t really work for us. For us, the Gabriel scenario didn’t really add anything to the story and was frustrating more than anything. We felt Max and Georgia’s story stood on its own without that inclusion. Max was very sweet and attentive, but sometimes we wanted to tell him to reign it in whilst at the same time wanting Georgia to calm the farm. She was so keyed up, and the decision was a no-brainer!

“For some reason, I get the feeling you usually get what you want.”
“Maybe it’s because I’m not a man easily deterred.”

A sexy, sweet romantic escape. What more could you ask for?

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