Top Five Fast Food Restaurant in L.A.

They should call the Southern California landscape Burger land, since it seems every type of burger was cooked and constructed in the land of palms trees, and Hollywood dreams. Burgers really? That’s seems like a Texas Dilemma. Saying that – in my opinion the burger is the staple to any supersonic cuisine. Yet, I might be wrong. Chicken definitely slips into the fast food conversation, but hey, this is my top five Fast Food Restaurant in the city of – Angeles and confusing parking signs. So, take a gander down the page – see which place is your favorite,

Del Taco

Being born and raised an east coast Taco Bell guy, I was never going to betray the Chalupa. But as people say – things change. Once I moved out west, I discovered – of the taco – and was smitten with the quality of such affordable foodstuff. For five dollars, one can conquer the hunger beast at least until the next coffee break. Those who know what I’m saying know. On Tuesdays and Thursday, they always have taco specials – for a very low price and the tacos are good. They also have other water down Mexican dishes which are also tasty for a little more than pocket change. Well two pockets, we are in a recession.

Carl’s Juniors

Upon moving out west, I also escaped the cult of the clown, and I don’t know what Grimace is, but his cult too. How could I leave the Big Mac and fall into the arms of another? It’s called stepping outside oneself, and I stepped out and stepped into a Carl’s Junior one day, falling in lust with their burgers – big juicy, beef burgers for a responsible day’s wager. They also have a healthier option for the bun, which I always treasure. It may not really make a difference, but hey, it’s all in the mind. Carl’s is opened later than most of the more recognized chain, but their food actually taste good for a fast paced burger stop. I have to repeat myself again. For the quality of the food – the prices are cool, plus the meals are pretty big. So, stop into Carl’s and have a Big Carl. Just make sure you ask for the burger. I don’t know Big Carl, but he might not be in a good space.

Raising Canes

If you see a line of cars stretching a block or two, you are probably at the right place. Canes specializes in chicken fingers and last time I checked – a chicken had no fingers. But that’s one of those mysteries like Stone Henge. I digress. These chicken digits are very tasty. It’s worth the wait if you’re really not that hungry. Their Chicken Fingers actually rank high for a fast food eatery. The sauce and the Texas Toast also help. For the length of the lines, it actually goes pretty quick, and the prices will not kill you. I would not eat it every day, but a couple times a week should not break the bank. So go to Canes, and get you some chicken fingers or you can give them the middle chicken finger and be gone.

El Pollo

I hear you already. I would never eat at any place called the Crazy Chicken (I hope you know that). Wrong. Oh, so wrong you are! As a matter of fact, you’re crazy. If you like a home cooked meal disguised like fast food, you have to pull up here! Grilled Chicken everywhere – in variety of sizes. You can pick your sides, which range from Mac and Cheese to veggies, tortilla and the Chicken, which is grilled over an open flame, ready in minutes. They even have healthier meals and the famous Chicken Tostada salad with the creamy Cilantro salad dressing. So, for health food – quick for a good price, you would be crazy not to go to El Pollo Loco.


Chick – fil – A

Even though it is only opened six days, I am still in seventh heaven when I come here literally. The quality of the overall mostly exclusive chicken dished is second to none. Everything is fresh and hot and tasty almost every time I have gone. I have never been dissatisfied. It’s not cheap in comparison to other chicken sandwiches places, but I believe it’s on par with the better chicken sandwiches at the mostly beef bistros.

The thing I like about the Lord’s chicken fast food eatery is the customer services. Even If I am in a horrible mood, a trip the Chick fil A will raises my spirits. The kids are so polite and nice. It’s that extra little step that makes it a pleasant experience. You’re already eating bad. I hate to be abused by the staff as well. Anyway, if you want a decent meal with a decent attitude, roll through, don’t forget to say grace.

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