Director Lee Cronin was behind the camera for New Line‘s upcoming Evil Dead Rise, and he’s reuniting with the studio for an original horror feature called Thaw according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The upcoming film will be written by Cronin, who is set to rewrite the current draft of the film. The report mentions that Van Toffler and David Gale of Gunpowder & Sky, as well as Adam Goldworm of Aperture, are set to produce the feature. Thaw was initially written by Jeremy Passmore, who developed the project as an original spec script.

According to the report, Thaw is set “years after the polar ice caps have melted and the sea levels risen.” The film will then focus on “a group of survivors at sea searching for a new home. Their prayers are answered with the discovery of an inhabitable town, that is, until they encounter a new nightmare living just below the water’s surface.”

Prior to the upcoming Evil Dead Rise, Cronin also wrote and directed the 2019 supernatural horror film The Hole in the Ground, which starred Seána Kerslake, James Cosmo, Simone Kirby, Steve Wall, and James Quinn Markey. Before that, Cronin directed a handful of short films, including the 2014 award-winning short Ghost Train.

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