Gaming chairs can always seem like a gimmick until you’ve tried a high-quality one that is built around supporting long gameplay sessions. Since video game reviews often demand lengthy sessions, I’m right in the target market alongside hardcore gamers that spend most of their weekend in PvP sessions. The latest gaming chair to hit the market is the DXRacer AIR, which winds up impressing due to its mesh design.

Before we get into what makes the DXRacer AIR so great, let’s talk about building it. The DXRacer AIR comes in quite a few parts inside the box, but it has very clear instructions and comes with all the tools you will need to put it together (so you won’t have to borrow a screwdriver from your friend Phillip). I always look forward to building cabinets or desks, but even if you don’t enjoy the act of building, this step is painless enough and ultimately on the easier side of my past assemblies. Once assembled, you’ll see that the chair is quite customizable with an adjustable lumbar that can regulate the height of the seat, armrests and a headrest that can be moved, and the back angle can be adjusted 135 degrees.

My very first impression of the chair was how comfortable its headrest is as it put my previous chair to shame in that department. When I looked up the specs, I found out that the AIR’s headrest uses memory foam so it adjusts to the shape of the player’s neck and this improves comfort immensely. Again, the chair is built specifically for long playing sessions, so making sure your neck is supported is key and DXRacer delivers.

While the chair isn’t my favorite from a pure visual perspective as it looks a little too “gamey” to not stick out from other furniture (although there are several variants ranging from all-black to white and cyan), the overall comfort for long-term gaming sessions is unmatched. The big draw here is that it features a premium mesh that improves airflow and decreases heat and moisture build-up. After spending entire evenings over the holidays playing Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, I still felt cool and comfortable as if my gaming session had just begun.

While not an entry-level gaming chair, the DXRacer AIR is well worth its $499 price tag due to its premium features. Beyond the impressive mesh tech, it also features high-quality suspension springs that are used for race cars. These springs keep the chair’s durability top-notch while also keeping the chair lightweight. Unlike some other chairs I’ve owned, there’s zero squeaking when turning and it’s the best I’ve used from a performance perspective.

DXRacer AIR Review Gaming Chair

If it is within your price range (or you have some leftover Christmas cash available), you can’t go wrong with the DXRacer AIR gaming chair. While there are caveats to consider due to your size (it’s recommended for those under 250 pounds and to the height of 6’2″), the chair itself is an impressive combination of breathable mesh and sturdy design that puts function at the forefront. No matter how long your gaming session is, you’ll stay relaxed.

Verdict: Recommended

Disclosure: ComingSoon received a review unit for the DXRacer AIR review.

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