Banks posted screenshots of the October 16 order to her Instagram story, writing, “Just when you thought it was safe!”

Vafa also applauded the ruling. “After unnecessary litigation and pressure caused when recently substituting this matter, we are happy that the Court agreed with our Ex Parte Application to allow more discovery,” he told Pitchfork in a statement. “We look forward to uncovering more evidence to defeat Kwatinetz’s claims and bolster Ms. Banks’ claims against Kwatinetz. Litigation is burdensome for all parties, including unearthing more evidence. Whether the dispute could be resolved informally or for the case to be decided by a jury is for the parties and the Court to decide. With that said, we are optimistic about the outcome for Ms. Banks.”

Michael Weinsten, a lawyer for Kwatinetz, downplayed the recent developments. “As for the trial continuance, we stipulated to a trial continuance after Azealia’s prior counsel filed a motion to withdraw from the case,” Weinsten wrote in an email response to Pitchfork. “That motion [to withdraw] was filed shortly after Ms. Banks’ deposition wherein she showed up two hours late, refused to answer the majority of questions asked, engaged in wild and bizarre antics and then walked out after only a few hours of questioning. Frankly, it is not surprising that yet another lawyer dropped her.”

The next hearing is scheduled for November 22, according to court records. The subject will be a request, filed by Kwatinetz’s camp on September 8, to force Banks to appear at a deposition for seven hours and pay a $10,000 fine. According to the filing, a previous deposition of Banks, on July 23, “was a pure travesty,” with Banks arriving “two hours late based on a lie about car trouble” and “refus[ing] to answer substantive questions.” Per the document, her behavior was not only “obstreperous” and “outrageous,” but also “deranged” and “unhinged.”

Transcript excerpts included in the filing are wide-ranging and contentious. They begin with Banks being asked what medications she’s on and end, many expletives and epithets later, with her referring to the recent death of her mother, slamming a lawyer as a “white piece of shit,” and announcing she’s leaving. Near the start, asked where she had been for the scheduled first two hours of the deposition, Banks testified, “In my hotel straight ironing my beautiful wig.” Asked about her previous Instagram claim that Kwatinetz “used to snort coke out of [her] asshole,” Banks testified, “I want you to bring that up in court so I can become America’s, like, greatest fucking female comedian.” Brittany Murphy and Harvey Weinstein made cameos, again via Banks’ prior social media activity. Asked repeatedly whether she has “a problem with Jewish people,” Banks testified: “No, but I have a problem with you. And if you happen to be Jewish and you happen to take that in some sort of way, then that’s you. But, no, actually I love Jewish dick. Thank you.” (Asked if she had “a problem with white people,” she responded similarly: “No, but I got a problem with you.”)

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