New-York based Producer Barkin is aiming to bring the heat back into House. His music is filled with intensity while being beautiful and groovy at the same time. Noticing the genre has lost some edge, his punchy basslines mixed with heavy synths will be setting dance floors ablaze. Vocals used as instruments and deep-moving breakdowns are integral to his tracks. While his drops will get your feet moving, each track has a meaning to be unfolded.

Now, he’s back with yet another impressive single, ‘Kitty Club.’ It’s a bass house offering that lights up your speakers from start to finish. On an even more interesting note, Barkin makes reference to each of his cats throughout, (Lulu, Borris, Betty Man, and Bella) – giving them a taste of the spotlight as the bass fuels the dance floor.

‘Kitty Club’ is easily the most fun track I have made. I loved being able to bring my cats into my passion and create something for all cat lovers alike. ‘Kitty Club’ is a special track that people always asked me about during my shows. I welcome everyone to the Kitty Club”Barkin

Listen below!

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