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I shot my first concert in 1975 with a Russian Zenit E camera. Since then I’ve used many cameras and a host of fast films. With the advent of digital photography, I traded grain for noise (no, all the bands I’ve shot were musical!) The latest digital cameras, particularly mirrorless are enabling low light performance we couldn’t have dreamt of just a decade ago.
In this video, I take a trip through nearly 5 decades of concert photos.

Gear used to make this video:
Nikon Z6 camera (B&H)
Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8S lens (B&H)
Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8S lens (B&H)
TASCAM DR-60DmkII DSLR Audio Recorder (B&H)
Røde Wireless Go (B&H)
Røde Lavalier Go (B&H)
Aputure Amaran MC (B&H)
Aputure Amaran 100d (B&H)

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Intro: 00:00
The first concert I photographed: 00:45
Musical memories: 04:19
Little Red Rooster: 04:49
Beatles wig-out: 06:38
Square Canadians: 07:16
Feedback from outer-space: 8:05
Teenage hippies: 8:17
Ticket stubs of yore: 08:30
Blues harp gods: 09:33
Harp apprentice: 10:10
Nikon apprentice: 11:00
Vancouver ’80s music: 11:20
’90s scene: 11:50
3-song rule: 12:12
Adopting auto-focus: 12:30
Shooting B&W (examples): 12:49
Long John Baldry: 13:17
Ilford Delta 3400: 13:43
Fuji X-Pro2 samples: 14:03
Going digital: 14:53
Buskers: 16:21
Nikon Z: 16:32
Concert photography permutations: 17:28
Copyright: 19:21
Outro: 19:46

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