Boasting a musical journey that spans over three decades, Cristian Marchi emerges as an iconic figure in the vibrant tapestry of the Italian dance scene. Whether commanding the stage in clubs, festivals, or prestigious events, both in Italy and beyond, Marchi’s performances are unequivocal triumphs, characterized by his unmistakable passion and a distinct style that consistently leaves audiences in awe.

Recently returning to the studio alongside music producer Paolo Sandrini, Marchi has unveiled his latest single, “Fast Cars & Superstars.” This track seamlessly encapsulates Marchi’s signature style and features the commanding vocals of Reverend Haus, a prominent DJ, producer, and singer from Los Angeles, adding a unique dimension to the composition. This track stands as an anthem for all of you night owls who relish the energy of nightclubs, wild parties, and the electrifying rhythm of the dancefloor.

Listen below!

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