ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive clip from the crime drama thriller A Shot Through the Wall, starring Kenny Leu (Midway, The Long Road Home). The film will be available in theaters and On Demand on January 21 from Vertical Entertainment.

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“After an accidental shooting of an innocent Black man in Brooklyn, Chinese-American police officer Mike Tan must wade through his profound guilt as he attempts to navigate the complicated worlds of media, justice, and racial politics,” reads the official synopsis.

Check out the exclusive A Shot Through the Wall clip below:

The film also stars Ciara Renee, Clifton Davis, Lynn Chen, Tzi Ma, Derek Goh, and Dan Lauria.

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A Shot Through the Wall is written and directed by Aimee Long in her feature directorial debut. It is produced by Aimee Long and Daniel Langa, and executive produced by Byung Sa and Matthew Shreder. The film won Best Feature Film at the 2021 Beaufort International Film Festival.

Exclusive A Shot Through the Wall Clip Starring Kenny Leu

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