This week sees the release of the sports drama American Underdog, featuring a score by renowned composer John Debney. The soundtrack releases on December 24, but ComingSoon has an exclusive track from the score to check out ahead of its official drop.

The score mixes warm orchestrations with electronics to provide an emotive and inspiring backdrop to the biopic based on the improbably successful pro football star Kurt Warner. The album, releasing digitally on December 24, also features additional music by Jeremy Redmon.

Check out the track “Nice to Meet You Zach” below from the American Underdog soundtrack:

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American Underdog tells the inspirational true story of Kurt Warner, who went from a stockboy at a grocery store to a two-time NFL MVP, Superbowl champion, and Hall of Fame quarterback,” reads the official synopsis. “The film centers around Warner’s unique story and years of challenges and setbacks that could have derailed his aspirations to become an NFL player — but just when his dreams seemed all but out of reach, it is only with the support of his wife, Brenda and the encouragement of his family that Warner perseveres and finds the strength to show the world the champion that he already is inside. American Underdog is an inspirational story that demonstrates that anything is possible when you have faith, family, and determination.”

American Underdog is directed by the Erwin Brothers and stars Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, Ser’Darius Blain, and Dennis Quaid and will be released in theaters on December 25 by Lionsgate.

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