Juniormabiala is a complete artist, author, composer, and performer. Of Congolese origin, he began his career as a semi-professional footballer. After playing for several clubs in France and the United Arab Emirates, he had to end his career due to disputes with his agent. It was at this moment that music entered his life.

Thanks to his piano training in a specialized music school, he discovered his passion for music and started working on his own compositions. In just two years, he created White House Management, a structure that brings together several branches of the music industry, ranging from production to connecting artists with labels, talent development, and network management.

Juniormabiala is also the author of the track that was named hit of the year at Africa Radio. His project SMEH also made history on this radio station, as after this performance, the artist has been touring around the world. For the past three months, White House Management has been handling the careers of two promising artists.

Thanks to his hard work and dedication to music, Juniormabiala is now establishing himself as a must-watch figure on the Swiss music scene. His talent and creativity make him an artist to keep an eye on in the years to come.


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