📌 This Beat is Free for non-profit must put a credit “(prod.ItxMasteRz)” in your song 📌
📌 บีทนี้ฟรีสามารถใช้ได้เฉพาะไม่หารายได้ ต้องใส่เครดิต “(prod.ItxMasteRz)” ในเพลงของคุณด้วย📌

💰บีทที่เขียนว่า [SOLD] แปลว่า บีทนี้ถูกซื้อขาดไปแล้ว ไม่สามารถซื้อได้💰
💰The Beat [SOLD] ment This Beat is SOLD OUT can’t Purchase💰

•Download this track: i will put link
•BPM+KEY/ความเร็วบีท+คีย์: 133BPM F Minor
●This Beat is Prod.ItxMasteRz
●บีทนี้ Produced โดย ItxMasteRz
●Mixing & Master: ItxMasteRz
●เมโลดี้ Melody: ItxMasteRz
●เรียบเรียง Arrange: ItxMasteRz
●แนวบีท Genge: Lofi HipHop/Jazzhop
●อนิเมะ Anime: Bunny Girl Senpai
●How to use a beat (FREE & NON FREE)
●How to purchase a beat/sample pack kit + project
●go to website: (open the first link in the video)
●Search the name of beat in the search bar
●Proceed to check out

This beat is FREE FOR NON-PROFIT USE ONLY, for example , NON Monetized youtube & soundcloud tracks.

●Using this beat for profit
Using this for profit requires a license, an example of profit is a release on spotify or iTunes or Youtube Music. Anythings that generates money and includes this a profit use.
IF YOU USE THIS BEAT YOU MUST CREDIT “ItxMasteRz (prod.ItxMasteRz)” IN TITLE or Description for the song.

For more details on commercial use, please check the license provided w/the beat purchase

I do not advise you to use my beats for your channel, that being said you are allowed to use the beat for free in your youtube video. (only as a background song). By doing so, your video will receive a content ID claim and you will not be able to monetize it any further. ItxMasteRz will monetize it on your behalf.
Inspired for this type beat
•Fukashigi no Carte (Bunny Girl Senpai ED)
Relevant Type Beat:
Lofi Type Beat
Lofi Chill Type beat
Jazzhop Type Beat
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