“Falling for you was like gravity.”

Penny Reid’s latest offering is a fun, flirty holiday sports romance with a smalltown vibe, and it’s a story that fit our mood perfectly! We fell head over heels for the gruff, blunt but incredibly sweet Rex McMurtry, star defensive end for the Chicago Squalls, and the quirky sweet Abigail McNerny.

Twenty-Eight-year-old Abby McNerny has been crushing on the ridiculously handsome Rex McMurtry for 13 years, falling for him as far back as elementary school. However, Abby never believed the feelings would ever be reciprocated.

‘I was being hugged. By Rex. And it was an experience like no other.’

After a disastrous relationship, Abby is now gun shy of relationships after a bad experience left her living by the ‘once bitten, twice shy’ adage, whilst Rex appears to be unlucky in love – the recipient of many setups and blind dates by friends and teammates.

After a boozy night in the bar Abby works in, in the small town of Alenbach, Austin, Rex approaches Abby with a proposition for a fake marriage. Rex believes it could benefit them both, plus he genuinely enjoys Abby’s company. Can he convince the dating shy Abby to give his arrangement a try?

“Wherever you are is where I want to be.”

The sexual tension between Rex and Abby was off the charts! The banter was sweet and funny, and little by little, Abby managed to pry open the pages of the closed book that was Rex McMurtry. It was an absolute delight to witness their relationship unfold.

“Maybe we both deserve some too good to be true people in our lives.”

There’s heat, laughs, sweetness, and ummm… lots of forearm porn. The fake marriage theme can be a bit of a hit and miss for us, but Homecoming King was a hit. We adored this book, which provided a much-needed escape.  We’re now desperate for the next two standalones in this series which will be Cyrus and Alaric’s books. We say…bring them on!

“Will you still want me when you discover I’m not too good to be true?”

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