‘A man could lose himself in that sort of beauty.’ – Knox
‘Knox was a good man. He was as reliable as the sunrise. As breathtaking as the Montana sunsets. He was the type of person I wanted Drake to become.’ – Memphis

Juniper Hill is everything we love about Devney Perry. Her stories are quite simply captivating. Her characters are full of life -its ups and downs- and they all have such depth. The character connections are believable and incredibly passionate, we never fail to fall in love alongside them. Devney’s writing is both engaging and compelling. But above it all, we believe and fall in love with her romances, over and over again. We absolutely love this series, we have fallen in love with the Eden family, and we love the charm of the small town, Quincy, Montana.  Juniper Hill is the second book in Devney Perry’s ‘The Edens’ series and we highly recommend it for its beauty, romance, suspense, and passion.

‘In that mess, there was passion. In that passion, we were perfect.’

When we met Memphis Ward, our hearts immediately broke for her. The way in which Devney wrote her character, we truly felt her exhaustion, her desperation, and her frustration. However, simmering underneath this melancholy was a fierce belief and hope for better things to come. She was down but she certainly was not out! Filled to the brim with secrets, Memphis is starting a new life with her newborn, and when Memphis wants something, she does not do it half-heartedly. We rooted for her as she begins to find her place in this wonderful small town, filled mostly with kind and supportive people. None more so, than the devastatingly gorgeous Chef, Knox Eden. The man who proves that good…no strike thatgreat men truly exist.

“I’m going to take all your bests. Every damn one until you can’t keep track of the top five anymore because there are so many bests that you’ll need a hundred to capture them all.”
“Promise?” I whispered.
“I swear it.”

Both Memphis and Knox carry emotional baggage and have barely healed scars in their hearts. However, we all know what an insanely hot attraction and searing soulmate chemistry can do for hearts that are in desperate need of that all-encompassing love, right?! SWOON! The path to love in Juniper Hill was palpable in its angst, beauty, intensity, and twisted drama. We were there for it all, fully invested in Memphis and Knox’s love story, disappearing into the pages written so flawlessly by Devney Perry.

“Let me make this clear. You are mine. Drake is mine. For all of your today’s and each of your tomorrows. Mine. Do you not want me?”
“Of course I want you.”
“Then fucking kiss me.”



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