There’s a certain undeniable effect that LMFAO has had on electronic music in the US that will stand the test of time. Their bright and electrifying tunes helped fuel parties all over the USA. Co-founding member Redfoo hasn’t lost his lively spirit, and after recently returning with a collaboration with Dainjazone titled “Long Live Party Rock”, he’s now tapped Sak Noel for a vibrant latin house remix that is purely irresistable.

Adding a spicy twist to this club anthem is the remix by Sak Noel, the Latin Grammy Nominee and multiple times Gold & Platinum certified DJ. Known for his pioneering fusion of electronic music with Latin vibes, Sak Noel, the first Spanish DJ to hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart, has released this remix to his massive followership, garnering over a million impressions in just a few weeks.

Check it out below!

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