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Just after adding a costume from the Hawkeye Disney+ series and Black Widow’s Avenger: Infinity War skin, Crystal Dynamics has put yet another MCU skin in the game for Black Widow. This time, it’s her skin from her solo film, Black Widow.

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Some players may remember that Crystal Dynamics already implemented a skin from the film into the game. And that is true, since the team started selling her white suit to the action RPG back in July. However, Crystal Dynamics has added the black suit that she wore in the latter half of the film. The skin is 1,400 credits (aroudn $14), the standard price for premium MCU skins.

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There are plenty of MCU skins and the list is growing quite rapidly. It stretches from the original Iron Man suit from the 2008 film to Black Panther’s Captain America: Civil War suit to Avengers: Endgame‘s Hulk, just to name a few.

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