Mayor of Kingstown TV show on Paramount+: canceled or renewed for season 2?

(Photo: Emerson Miller/ViacomCBS)

Will Mike follow in his brother Mitch’s footsteps in the first season of the Mayor of Kingstown TV show on Paramount+? As we all know, the Nielsen ratings typically play a big role in determining whether a TV show like Mayor of Kingstown is cancelled or renewed for season two. Paramount+ and other streaming platforms, however, collect their own data. If you’ve been watching this TV series, we’d love to know how you feel about the first season episodes of Mayor of Kingstown here.

A Paramount+ crime thriller series, the Mayor of Kingstown TV show stars Jeremy Renner, Dianne Wiest, Hugh Dillon, Taylor Handley, Emma Laird, Tobi Bamtefa, Derek Webster, Pha’rez Lass, Aidan Gillen, Hamish Allan-Headley, and Kyle Chandler. The story follows the McLusky family. They are power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry. There are seven prisons within a 10-mile radius and Mike McLusky (Renner) is at the center of the action. He’s a conduit between the incarcerated and the outside world. He works with the city’s unofficial Mayor, aka his well-connected brother and business partner, Mitch (Chandler). Their younger brother, Kyle (Handley), is a police detective. Their mother, Mariam (Wiest), teaches inmates and is not happy with her sons’ business.

What do you think? Which season one episodes of the Mayor of Kingstown TV series do you rate as wonderful, terrible, or somewhere between? Do you think that Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount+ should be cancelled or renewed for a second season? Don’t forget to vote, and share your thoughts, below.

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