Unless you have been deep in some jungle villa, The Puffy Comb’s saga has captivated the American public and social media. Creating a very effective distraction, these Diddy memes trick our consciousness away from hypersonic misses and bombs dropped on civilians in the streets of Gaza, but don’t let me make this a dark piece.

This is a puzzle to be put together by the reader. I have come to my own conclusion about the tumultuous situation involving the founder of Bad Boy Records and the trouble he has inherited. But who am I to judge?

We are all here for money, power, and respect, I guess. I named this piece – How to get Canceled 101 – the Sean Puffy Combs edition. Take that, that, and that. Bear with me and take it with a grain of salt. You can Google everything, and nowadays Google is the Bible and Wikipedia is the New Testament.

Let’s jump down this Rabbit hole. When you’re done, you might be a believer or a bigger skeptic than ever. But, hey, this is all for kicks and giggles, and maybe a piece of cheesecake from Brooklyn.

How to beat a Billionaire? With bigger Billionaires. Like Cube quoted, “Big bank, take little bank!” Follow along!

Puffy Combs sued Diageo in May 2023 for treating his brand of Tequila Deleon and the ever-popular Cîroc Vodka, seen in numerous Hip-Hop videos played in heavy rotation, like an inferior black brand. That was straight out of the LA Times.

Are you still with me? So, who owns Diageo? Only one of the most powerful people in the world, Warren Buffet. Have you heard of him? He also owns large stakes in Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Chevron, and Occidental Petroleum. He also has expertise in three FAANG stocks through NEAM. These are Facebook, Netflix, and other social media platforms. He also holds stock in Paramount Global. So, Mr. Buffet has the media on lock! But we just got started. That was the tip—pause!

Warren Buffet has had a very good friend for over thirty years. Do you know who that friend is? Billy Gates! I know you have heard of him. Mr. Gates steered 250 million dollars into all the major news outlets. You can find out which one by Googling Colombia Journalism Review. They wrote an article on this very subject.

So, these two men control most of the worldwide information. So, Puff’s side will never be heard, and that narrative has been circulated in a 24-hour rotation. But we just got started! This is not the first time Puffy has opened up his mouth and gotten in trouble. He is not a genius like Ye!

2015 Puffy Combs admired Donald Trump, a major mogul and a friend of his. He actually commended Donald Trump for his achievements.

2017 Puffy Combs criticizes President Obama and said he did not do enough for the black voter and short-changed the very people who put him in office.

In 2020, on CNN, Puffy urged black voters to hold onto the black vote. He claimed it was worth something.

So, Puff bravely spouted his opinion without fear. But how? Why would a rap producer be so brave, going against the political establishment that used him to get Biden into office? Keep following and Googling!

On November 17, 2023, Cassie dropped her lawsuit. Coincidence? People tell me there is no such thing! This opened the flood waters to Mr. Comb’s destruction!

Let’s look at the pieces I have thrown down! I read an article that stated Bill Gates used Homeland Security to create a temporary safety zone outside his Washington State mansion. Homeland security? Bill Gates! How powerful do you have to be to use Homeland Security as a security guard?

Yet, it was Homeland Security that raided Puff’s mansions. The warrants have still not been made public. Follow me!

Alejandro N. Mayarkous, the almost impeached director of Homeland Security, was appointed by President Obama to run DACA. Then, he was appointed head of Homeland Security by President Biden.

Warren Buffet donated 58 million dollars to the Biden campaign. That got the Keystone pipeline shut down, but who cares? This is about Puff. Gates donated 70 million dollars to Biden’s campaign. Gates’s project, Cubic PV, has been delayed due to Biden’s poor performance in office and his predestine death at the polls.

This is the TKO. The right cross after the jab. Warren Buffet is Obama’s 7th cousin, 3 times removed. It was all a matter of time. Puff was talking too much! Why would Puff be so brazen to speak against such powerful men unless a few of them were at a Puffy party on tape? Allegedly!!!!

So, who attended one of these parties? Billy Gates? Barry O? Someone powerful enough to command Homeland Security to seize all videos and Puff. What was in the videos? Who was at those parties? Why was Puff never charged? Where is the warrant?

Puff is still free, so maybe he knows something. Anyway, this is all fiction from a writer drunk on Mike’s Hard Lemonades. But everything can be Googled, and all sources will be revealed. If I can find it, it was never meant to be hidden. The best place to hide is in the wide open. At the end of the day, I will quote the movie Swingers, “No one puts a baby in a corner!” Especially, if that baby is Warrant Buffet.

So, what did we learn? Even Billionaires with blackmail material still get beaten up. The term Billionaire is so mundane when we talk about the rich and famous. With the election coming up, Biden can take no chances. He needs a strong, black presence at the polling place, and Puff has proven to be unreliable. You only had one job.

A party promoter with minimal talent suing men who changed the course of the world is the ultimate hubris. The powers to be – are the powers to be for a reason. They make you, and then they will break you, in front of the world and GOD.

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