Emporio Armani

Cam Newton and Lucien Laviscount. Photo by Omari Collins.

The star Panthers quarterback, flaneur, and fashion icon Cam Newton got on the phone with us to discuss his first visit to Milan and his experience sitting front row at last night’s Emporio Armani Fashion Fall/Winter 2022 show. Trip highlights included: pasta, people watching, and a dance-off with top model Antonia Dell’Atte.


CAM NEWTON: I’m ready to rock and roll.

INTERVIEW: Great! How was the Emporio Armani show? 

NEWTON: The Emporio Armani fashion show was impactful. I was just telling some close friends of mine that I really enjoy getting inspiration from many different facets of life, whether a person walking down the street, a person going to work, a person getting dressed up to go out, or even a situation like yesterday, where we experienced fashion on the highest level at a fashion show. Just the intentional delivery that Armani possesses for his shows is remarkable and that’s what I love most.

INTERVIEW: You have such a distinct style, but I think Armani definitely fits within that. Was there a particular look that you were excited about on the runway?

NEWTON: I was just blown away in general—just in awe of the patterns, the visuals , and the music as well. I know so much goes into a fashion show, and that makes me respect it even more.

INTERVIEW: You also went to the Armani dinner?


Emporio Armani

Cam Newton and Roberta Armani. Photo by Omari Collins.

INTERVIEW: Did you meet anyone interesting there?

NEWTON: Antonia Dell’Atte, who modeled in the Armani show, was there. I felt that she chose me. We had a moment on the dance floor, but this was prior to everybody else getting on the dance floor. She just looked at me and I looked at her. I was like well, you don’t have to be in somebody’s culture to understand—if they’re up, you gotta get up too. She was clapping her hands, having a good time and I was like, “Alright, allow me to have this dance then.” There was a semi-language barrier, but nevertheless, she was trying to teach me a certain dance that required me picking her up. It happened there in front of everybody, but I liked it and I think that’s just something to add to my experience in Milan. I’ve never had that happen ever before.

INTERVIEW: Wow, that sounds like a great moment. She’s an icon. What did you wear to the dinner? 

NEWTON: I had a trench coat with a vintage piece that I picked up a while back. It was a tailored army fatigue vest I wore with a turtleneck. I added all those pieces together with a Meshika hat with matching colors. 

Emporio Armani

Photo by Omari Collins.

INTERVIEW: Sounds chic. What do you have planned for the rest of your time in Milan?

NEWTON: I plan on visiting Armani’s museum, Armani/Silos. I also have a couple more things that I have to hit off my bucket list and I want to experience all the great food here along the way.

INTERVIEW: I hope you have a beautiful trip. Thanks for chatting with us.

NEWTON: Thank you so much.

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