[PART 51]

‘Martian’ Raiding Party Attacks Earth

When all was said and done this attack on our forces by the Martians (or rather their all too human allies) in Eastern China could only be described as a raiding party. It had come with great speed, it was a short attack and it had been accomplished by only two Martian Flying Machines used as transports and a number of ground forces. Nevertheless, this attack showed the Martians that they could depend on renegade humans bred on Mars to attack Earth under the command of Martians. We however, had learned that we could and would fight, and in battle could go one-on-one with our enemies from Mars even if they were in fact pure humans. This Martian raid had sharpened our will to defeat them at any cost.

For a few days before the raid occurred local observers had reported several Martian Flying Machines in the area over Heyuan, China, around 110 miles north east of Hong Kong. The first landing report came into Committee headquarters in Lower-Sydney on 5 May at 2 a.m. from a radar station in Conghua. The wireless report was immediately forwarded to New York and London by cable where CAIG and Tango groups were put on alert. We also alerted local national military forces in the Guangdong area. They were soon sending out patrols from Canton and Hong Kong to gather more information on what we were dealing with. Naturally local forces were most interested in checking out the landing report but no one at the time suspected that this was anything more than a type of Martian landing that we had seen many times before. We soon discovered that this was something entirely new. We had not seen this number of enemy ground forces for quite a while.

Most of our forces sent out to investigate were British and Chinese colonial forces based in and around the Hong Kong area. They were soon on their way to the small still in construction supply base located five miles south of Heyuan. The base was manned by a small force of Chinese regulars whose main assignment was to guard the new supply depot and the ongoing construction of a tunnel system designed to hold local seed storage in the event of an emergency. The base housed fewer than 40 armed men with an additional 600 plus involved in the tunnel work. It was by no means a large or vital operation. To be honest no one at the time understood the Martian interest in this rather out of the way facility. The work on the base had been ongoing for around ten years with an expected completion date of late 1936. That time table was about to be set back for at least a few months.

Before the ground patrols could make their way to what would soon be called the landing zone an urgent message was sent to Hong Kong. It reported that scouts sent out from the base had spotted two columns of military forces, said to number at least 250, heading towards the base. They were being led by two Martian Walkers! This was something we had not seen before, at least not since the end of the First Martian War. Was this the start of a new Martian offensive?

It did not take long for Chinese forces to launch twelve fighter bombers to the reported area. Simultaneously a world-wide flash alert was sent to all Committee bases and all national capitals that a possible Martian attack was underway in China with an unknown number of ground forces backed by at least two Walkers. In the harbor at Hong Kong the British carrier HMS Victoria was immediately alerted and the ship’s crew began to prepare to make sail. Even before it left harbor it would be launching fighters to the raid area.


At our Lower-New York City headquarters the Magic Twelve (or rather the five who were in New York City at the time, and two others in London and Sydney by secure cable), held an emergency meeting in the Mars Room. At this point we had very limited information about the situation in China. What we did have was the latest data from our Mars Watch Program. The program indicated that there was no increased activity on Mars at that time which we would connect to a mass invasion. CAIG reports also showed that there were no overt increases in Martian or UFO sightings or any other indications on Earth that other areas were actively engaged in this sort of situation. For whatever reason, this appeared to be an isolated incident which at this point we could not really understand. With these reports in hand the Magic Twelve sent word to Committee and national facilities to go on alert but recommended that cities not close-up their lower facilities at this time. Rather it was recommended that military and police forces stay on high alert with added security measures put into place as a precaution only. What we did not need was the general public in a panic. The Magic Twelve further recommended that the public be informed that these added precautions were only a drill which had been planned for some time. No information on the ongoing “raid” in China was to be given to the public especially since we had so little information ourselves.

Martian transport and troop carrying craft

Even as we were meeting the first aerial report by our jet fighters came in. They confirmed that two Martian Walkers were leading a group of enemy troops now estimated at around 300. This report indicated that these ground forces were hybrids and that they were moving in Earth trucks counted at 20 and moving north-east fast. The Chinese jets were ordered to attack both columns with special attention given to attacking the Walkers.

Turning to attack the head of the columns, eight fighters came in low and fast making the first run at the Martians. Four other fighters flew high cover ready to engage any Martians in the air. The Chinese attack was to say the very least unconventional. Flying directly over the two columns the first two jets (one each over the Walkers) did not fire a single shot; instead both jets simply buzzed the machines as fast and as close as they could. One jet peeled left as the second peeled right crossing paths which caused the Martians controlling the Walkers to pay distracted attention to the two jets continuing to fly erratic patterns – so much so that the Martians failed to notice the six other jets coming in two directions for their bomb runs. Without much effort according to later reports the first two jets were soon caught in the Heat-Rays of the Walkers and obliterated with single shots. These pilots had sacrificed themselves in order to give follow on jets a clear shot at the Walkers – and shoot they did. At almost the same instant the Walkers had taken out the lead jets the ground around them exploded in fire as two by two the six attacking jets pounded the now fully confused operators of the Walkers. Each had taken at least three direct hits. This was excellent shooting by the Chinese pilots. The walkers were both down and no longer moving, but they were by no means beaten. Partly recovering from the bomb run one of the Walkers caught a Chinese jet as it turned north and simply cut it in two.

By now the truck mounted “hybrids” were out of their vehicles and firing automatic weapons and hand held Heat-Rays at the jets. They would soon come under attack by the four jets which had been in high cover. These jets had by now flown south, turned and in a four plane staggered line formation came screaming towards the twin columns of Martians. At 200 yards they opened up firing their rockets and machine-guns at the line of Martians which destroyed three of the trucks and finished off one of the Walkers. The second Walker, barely able to fire its Heat-Ray, was now clearly unable to move. For all intent and purpose it was also out of the fight. Each jet then made another pass at the columns firing their machine guns as they flew close to the ground.

With the Walkers destroyed the situation became one of conventional warfare when the Martians made their attack on the small base at K-1. Seeing the aerial attack on the Martians the 40 men soon had a hasty defense constructed facing the oncoming Martians. With all of the construction equipment they could bring to bear the 600 man construction team attempted to cover the men now prepared to defend the base with a dirt wall backed by vehicles lined up as a steel barrier. It was a courageous effort, however, with their hand held Heat-Rays it would not be enough to stop the murderous Martians.

The Martians hit the base in a traditional Martian formation from three sides, and using their Heat-Rays were soon burning their way beyond the barricades and into the central construction areas. One of the two survivors, both badly wounded, described what came next.

About fifty of the work crew were able to arm themselves with weapons supplied by the soldiers but we were still clearly outnumbered. The enemy seemed to be everywhere at once shooting almost randomly at anyone they could see. The soldiers were soon fighting hand-to-hand by the main sheds before being pushed to the north end of the base by the sheer number of enemy, taking casualties every step of the way. As the men retreated past a wide tunnel entrance the Martians were surprised by four bulldozers being driven at them by the construction teams. Riding on the vehicles were several soldiers firing at the Martians. They must have cut down 30 or 40 of them (Martians) before they were stopped by the hand-held Heat-Rays. This attack seemed to stun the Martians for a few seconds who nevertheless began to regroup for a final assault on the 15 Chinese soldiers who were still fighting at the north end of the base. None of the soldiers surrendered, fighting with everything they had to the last, but it was a fight they knew they could not win. Fighting fanatically they took as many of the enemy as they could. When the shooting stopped the Martians held captive around 150 construction workers marching them outside of the destroyed base near the streambed. Without warning at least ten Martians turned their Heat-Rays on the men and killed them all with the charred corpses falling into the water. After this murderous act several of the Martians appeared to walk around the burning base killing their own wounded.

A final wireless report from the base transmitted just before the Martians entered the camp indicated that they were being attacked by around 150 Martians. This was taken at the time to indicate that at least half of the Martian force had been killed or wounded by the aerial attack. (An investigation would confirm this report as well as the fact that the wounded Martians had been killed by their own forces eliminating the possibility that any prisoners could be taken alive.) The wireless report also made it clear that as far as they could understand these Martian attackers were not hybrids. They appeared to be fully human. This was the first report we had of pure-humans attacking other humans as a designated Martian military unit in battle. This report was confirmed by later onsite inspection of the base.

Moments after the murders of the construction workers the fighters from the HMS Victoria flew over the base then on fire and in complete disarray. It was clear that a massacre had occurred and that if there were any survivors they would not be found in the base. (One was found halfway in the small stream in some reeds and the second was found badly wounded and burned over half of his body near the west fence concealed behind one of the small trucks.) Orders were then given to strafe the base and kill as many Martians as they could. These four jets made four gun runs on the base before returning to the carrier after which one made a final pass to photograph the area.

Three hours later British Royal Marines backed by Chinese regulars attacked the remaining enemy forces still occupying K-1. The intense two hour battle would cost an additional 15 dead and 26 wounded for our Earth forces. However, this final assault on K-1 killed 87 full-humans fighting for the Martians and one Martian A who had been with the attack forces. The Martian A was reported to be in a full “environmental suit” complete with Martian atmosphere in tanks. It had been transported in one of the Walkers and when it was disabled had transferred to a truck. Five full-humans were captured – all wounded. They were patched-up and taken to Hong Kong and later transported to a Tango “hotel” in Lower-Sydney from which they were never to leave. Needless to say, they were squeezed for a great deal of information before they were “allowed to expire.”

From the body of the Martian A Committee doctors were able to draw samples of Martian A blood as well as other body fluids. The doctors were able to report some distressing news. The Martian’s blood did not appear to have been infected by the virus which had killed the Martians in 1901. However, the doctors were quite clear in their opinions that the Martians had gained at least some form of immunity from the Earth viruses. (“There appeared to be anti-bodies.”) They were using the Martian body fluids to confirm their suspicions. The time was near when the Earth’s atmosphere would no longer pose a lethal threat to the Martians. We were running out of time.

Editor’s Note: This was the first time Mars Prime had sent a military force of pure humans to attack Earth – The results were mixed but the raid did prove humans bred on Mars Prime could be used in close combat with those born on Earth. These new forces would find use in future operations.


At about the same time as the raid we were briefed on a development by the American Du Pont Company. Using back-engineered Martian technology they had been able to develop and produce a synthetic fiber they named nylon. There was hope that this new material would have many military uses.

On 17 August 1933 the Soviet Union launched their first liquid fuel rocket the GIRD-09. The flight lasting a few seconds to a few hundred feet in distance showed that the Soviets were not only developing their own rocket systems, but that they were clearly far behind Committee efforts in this field. We were very happy about that. They were still very much in the mind of going their own way which could very well cause trouble for their Earth bound neighbors. The Committee would have preferred they were, as is said, “with us all the way’ but that was not how the Soviets viewed the situation. Making their own deal with the Martians was thought to be a real possibility.

Nevertheless, during November 1933 Soviet Minister Maxim Litvinov met with the American President to hammer out an agreement in New Washington Center. The Soviets agreed to end anti-American propaganda and to protect Americans in the Soviet Union and in return the Americans would recognize the communist government. However, relations of a sort were moving forward – slowly.

I found myself more on the road then in my new Lower-London office during much of 1934. My most important trips found me visiting Joseph Stalin (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) in Moscow with the hope that the communist leader would rejoin Committee operations in our efforts to defend against the now fully anticipated future Martian attack. However, for the most part Stalin related that the Soviet people would still stand apart from the rest of the world. It would seem that he was far too busy killing off his own people to be overly concerned with Martians at least for the moment. We all knew that this man was a butcher of his own people, not to be overlooked, but he was at least, the very least, a “human butcher”! He also related that if and when the Martians did attack he was certain that the rest of the world would fight them so he was not overly concerned.

This was not a very welcome situation to say the least. With his words fresh in my mind I was soon off to New Washington Center for a conference with newly elected American President Franklin Roosevelt (Committee Prince). Roosevelt seemed to feel that Stalin would come around in time but no one close to the Committee felt Stalin could be trusted. Not even the liberal leaning Roosevelt felt that Stalin was truly trustworthy. The Committee was greatly concerned that both Stalin and Hitler, who had come to power on 30 January 1933 in Germany, seemed to be more interested in local power and control rather than larger planetary matters. Divide and conquer was a very real possibility if we could not bring most of the world back into Committee control or at least combined cooperation against our planetary neighbors! It also left open the very real possibility of some rogue nations making side deals with the Martians. That was not a pleasant thought.

Even as some governments were involving themselves in other non-interplanetary matters the Committee continued to develop our world defense strategy. In 1934 Dr. Emil Girardeau from the government of France began to install Committee built radar systems on land as well as on French war ships. These new devices, according to Dr. Girardeau used “a precisely focused apparatus conceived according to the principles stated by Dr. Tesla. On the subject of Tesla’s recommendation concerning the very great strength of the impulses one must also recognize how right he was as before the most difficult thing was to succeed in enormously increasing the strength.”

In America seagoing radar tests were also being put into practice onboard the USS Leary as a destroyer test-bed for the American Atlantic fleet. This work in unison with the British who were developing and deploying their own pre-microwave radar systems around their island nation illustrates some of the many nations that were putting together as many radar systems as possible. More radar stations linked by radio and cable resources meant that military forces in many areas around the world would be able to track the Martians when and if they came and be better able to direct our fighting forces to engage them.

Also in America the Union Pacific Railroad debuted its first powerful M-10000 train, nicknamed “Lil Zip.” Three of these new trains would be purchased and heavily armored as well as well armed with anti-aircraft weapons as moving command centers for the Magic Twelve. One each would be stationed at Lower-New York City code named “Coffee Drinker”, Lower-London “Tea Drinker” and Lower-Sydney “Whisky Drinker”. Each would be manned by one of the Magic Twelve in the event any one of our headquarters needed to be evacuated. The trains would be set to run to a pre-positioned train tunnel which had also been heavily re-enforced. A fourth train was ordered a year later by Stalin which we code named “Vodka Drinker”. That same year the streamliner train named the “City of Portland” set a coast-to-coast record crossing the American continent in 56 hours and 55 minutes! By now the world had not only repaired much of the track which had been lost during the 1901 war with the Martians we had in fact nearly doubled the miles of track world-wide.

In Germany the government announced a major new ship building program. Much of the underground and “fortress Germany” work had either been completed or was well on its way. Now the government felt it was time to expand their strategic naval resources. The Committee received word that the Germans were constructing four new aircraft carriers, 13 battleships, six battle cruisers, 23 cruisers, 22 destroyers (large) 15 attack submarines and at least 45 attack patrol boats.

It was also noted that the French would also add one new aircraft carrier, ten battleships and 32 destroyers to their fleet. All of these ships would be equipped with radar, bristling with anti-aircraft guns and when the technology was mature – each would be able to fire surface-to-air missiles including the submarines. The larger ships would also be carrying Tesla’s new Heat-Ray when and if it was ready to be deployed.


Despite all that was going on our planet at the time the most remarkable and notable discovery involved the translation and deciphering of a single Martian Electronic Document (Ref: Martian Electronic Document 61B411). The document which had been discovered years earlier onboard a Martian command craft was not thought to hold any significant scientific or military value and as such things are viewed, it did not raise any alarms. What was shown by the document was a nearly complete set of images of the surface of Mars imaged by a Martian craft that must have orbited their cold planet. For the first time we on Earth could see not only clear close-up images of the enemy’s planet much clearer and much more extant than we have ever seen but clear images of our home world and in great detail. To say the least the images were astonishing. From what must have been low Martian orbit the planet Mars looked very much like a desolate dying world with large areas covered by ancient impact craters while other areas – mostly in the north spread wide by massive volcanic flood plains.

From this vantage point the only marks upon the surface of Mars showing any form of intelligent development were the four (now three remaining) domed cities; the magnificent planet-wide system of water transporting canals and the bands of vegetation upon which the Martians depended, spread along the sides of the canals. These were the markings we could barely see from Earth, as the canals themselves were far too thin to be seen directly from Earth distances.

The photos of the lost Martian city on the southern edge of Chryse Regio showed that it was about as large as the other domed surface cities with one major exception. The city had three off-set smaller domes connected by three wide surface covered transportation tubes heading away from the center city towards the north, west and east. Combined with the large central core area the city which had been lost in 1920 due to the surface impact of the comet was by far the largest remaining surface habitable on Mars. Speculation soon ran to the possibility that the location could have been the primary controlling city and government on Mars.

One of the more interesting areas turned out to be the Cydonia region. It was not unlike the American Colorado Plateau with its sweeping plains and would not be of much interest except for the fact that the Martians (or perhaps others much older than they) had built seven massive pyramids which dominate the nearby Cydonian mesas. Adding to the mystery as to why they had been built (speculation ran to some form of energy producing facilities) was the fact that they had been constructed to represent the three belt stars of Orion (identical yet much more massive than the ones constructed on the Giza plateau) and the four other major stars of the constellation.

Another area of amazement turned out to be the “canal” originally spotted by Lowell in 1894 and named after the Coprates River in Persia. The Coprates ‘canal’ turned out to be a massive rift valley cutting across some 600 miles of the Tharsis desert. This ‘discovery’ also answered the question by observers as to why this ‘canal’ was not intersected by the other canals and appeared to “stand alone and apart from all other canals.” The Martians had run into a fault system that had to be worked around not worked with.

The last big surprise (there were many small ones) was the fact that whenever these images were taken, and it was felt that they were probably quite recent, the most obvious features on the surface of Mars were the thousands of ancient ruined sites both large and small, many of which had been built as large cities on the edges of now desiccated lakes and seas. Whatever the population of Mars is today clearly that world had held a much larger population in times past. This was truly a dying planet on the edge of extinction. Clear evidence that the Martians had no real choice but to abandon their ancient world to seek a new world – Earth! We had no choice but to stop them.

A Final Word from Egypt


“From what had been of the past the gods re-created the heavens upon the Earth…”

Wall of room 618D – Giza Complex

From 15-17 October 1934 a conference was held in the Mars War Room at our Lower-New York City’s Committee Headquarters. Over 200 Committee and international representatives involved in working the ‘Martian problem’ had been invited to attend. Held in secret and heavily guarded the attendees were briefed on all aspects then uncovered as they pertained to the long and mostly unwanted contact between the Egyptian people and the Martians. Primary to these discussions were ancient Cairo and the Giza complex, which included the Pyramids and Sphinx.

The Giza complex had revealed itself to be simply massive with only a small portion of its construction, magnificent as this portion is, visible on the surface. With its miles of underground tunnels and passageways the complex could boost nearly 9200 rooms and storage chambers. It was estimated that some 75,000 people could live and work in the underground facility at any one time. With the grand above ground work Giza had been the largest construction project on Earth before modern times. It was also the most complex, which included an underground fresh water system coming into the complex directly from the Nile River, food production areas, offices where much scroll work had been conducted and a well stocked armory. By now many of the diamond-tipped tools used to work the tunnels and stones of the complex had also been found.

The underground armory had yielded a surprising discovery of an ancient Martian Walker. It had apparently been used underground. The machine was fully only a third the size of the ones we had faced in 1901 and it had an open seated control area, but it would have been truly terrifying when it walked on Earth those thousands of years ago. This one would walk no more as it had been badly damaged by what appeared to be a good many impacts by large rocks or boulders. Clearly the walker had been destroyed by the Egyptians in battle. This was not however the first ancient Walker discovered in Egypt. An earlier Walker had been discovered in Cairo completely by accident – and I mean by accident. A year earlier a local military unit had been practicing with their new tank when it suddenly backed up into an ancient statue. The tank impacted the statue with such force it crushed the surface and produced a deep crack. The crack revealed that it was hollow. Inside was a perfectly preserved ancient Martian Walker which had been hidden behind and inside the ancient carved stone. That Walker was soon on its way to our Lower-London facility. It was this accidental discovery which caused defense planners to investigate ways of fighting against these machines if they were once again deployed on Earth by the Martians against our new underground cities during some future conflict.

Pyramid at Giza

Two of the more interesting rooms under Giza located just south of the three primary pyramids in the underground facility appeared to be medical in nature. We had earlier found disturbing evidence of humans being tortured at the complex. What we found in the rooms designated M14 and M15 seemed to give answers, at least partly, as to why torture had been conducted at Giza. In M14 were found thousands of jars, many still intact and sealed, which contained human blood. Each had been labeled with Martian markings. It seemed to the researchers that the Martians were collecting as many blood samples as they could for experimentation and storage. They also found many body parts, mostly internal organs, as well as under developed fetuses – both human and hybrid. (On orders from the Committee the body parts and fetuses (after study) were given a proper burial and a proper stone marking.) They had even collected animal blood and stored many different types of animals some of which no longer roam the Earth.

Room M15 was very disturbing as it showed Martian attempts at creating animal/human ‘kimeras’. These kimeras were long known by tomb paintings as beings “created by the gods” in Egypt with the body of a human and the head of a jackal, or some other animal. Thought to have been purely mythical it seemed that the Martians had actually been able to create at least one viable kimera – the mummy was still laid out on a polished stone table in room M15. The ancient tomb paintings had been accurate after all. Why this was done has not been answered by the documents found with the mummy. A new slave labor force needed by the Martians or perhaps soldiers were early theories.

By now we had discovered human remains with elongated skulls in many areas around the world, but never more than under the shifting sands of Egypt. (Many of these “out of Egypt” sites proved to have some connection with either Egypt of long ago or Martians using Egyptians as pawns for control over ancient peoples.) Yet even in Egypt there was one place which topped them all when it came to the sheer number of hybrid remains – Giza. It was also at Giza that mankind clearly took back their ancient heritage and rebelled against the ‘sky gods’ who had descended upon ancient Egypt in “flying boats” and “craft from the stars.”

It had become evident that a revolt had occurred which had spread to the underground city. The marks of a fierce struggle could still be read on the walls, tunnels and rooms in which close battles had been fought. There were also several areas where the roof of the structure had partly collapsed on top of both humans and hybrids likely as they were engaged in battle. Melted and blackened stones were also found; mute testimony that the ancient Martians had used hand held Heat-Rays those many years ago.

Located at the extreme southern end of the facility workers found the remains of a large number of hybrids stored in stone containers. There was however, no way to accurately count how many had been placed in these large stone containers which had been carved into the ground and then covered over. The ancient Egyptians had killed the hybrids, broken all of the bones and buried them deep underground. The massive stone graves were then covered and sealed with eight ton lids. And although we could not be certain, it appeared that some of the broken bones could very well have once belonged to several kimera who seemed to have been mixed in with the broken bones of the hybrids.

Wall Painting
Egyptians and Kimera

The work below had also served to answer at least some of the age old questions about the three titanic pyramids which hold a commanding view of the windswept Nile. They did indeed have a purpose and it wasn’t to bury a great pharaoh or a king, nor were these simply work projects for the people during the winter months. Ancient scrolls located in room D173, a rather well built and very well hidden chamber, supplied some of the answers. It was written that the three great pyramids at Giza, as well as other smaller local structures were a representation of the constellation Orion and the three largest structures represented Orion’s belt stars of Alniltak, Alnitam and Mintaka. The scrolls also reported that a much larger version of the Giza pyramids could be found on Mars, but we would probably never see them even with much more powerful telescopes. (Perhaps an automated camera bearing craft placed in orbit about Mars could spot them but that would be years in the future.)

The written works of the Egyptian/Martian connection along with many Martian works on the Egyptian underworld were quite literally underground.

Continuing the briefing the workers at Giza had discovered several references which seemed to indicate that the pyramids, at least the three at Giza and possibly others, were somehow used to produce vast amounts of energy for the Martians. This part of the presentation was of special interest to Dr. Tesla who became quite animated at the news. He was determined to find the ancient secrets of this proposed “pyramid power.” It was suggested in the scrolls that the pyramids could generate some type of electrical energy. What the power would be used for or how it would be directed was not explained.

With much work completed we now knew that very early Egyptian hieroglyphics show a remarkable number of symbols which greatly resemble what could be described as the simplest form of Martian written script. This made work on the Martian Electronic Documents a bit easier but going from simple to complex Martian was still a tough task reserved only for the gifted amongst us.

The final amazing discovery at the complex was located at the foot of the Sphinx. A photo team had been working at detailing every inch of the famous artifact when they discovered their heavy camera equipment had moved slightly overnight. When the ground radar team was called in for a second run over the area the new more powerful radar equipment found what appeared to be a small underground room between the feet of the Sphinx some 30 feet below. Drilling a small hole in the center of the “ground anomaly” they broke through to the room. When a small camera was lowered into the opening a flash photograph was taken. When it was developed the image of an ancient Martian A was clearly seen. Two months later when work crews were able to finally enter the room they found that the Martian A had been mummified but had been fully unwrapped before being laid out on a polished black stone table which was then sealed in the underground room by a great deal of wax. It had become an air-tight tomb meant to last the ages. Doctors would later come to the conclusion that the long dead Martian A was in fact a Martian A+, the first ever found on Earth. We were later to understand that Martian A+s were in fact the very small group of leaders who control all of Mars. At least one had come to Earth to rule over humans thousands of years ago.

Work would continue to discover many Martian efforts on Earth as possible with a view to unraveling as much of our ‘combined history’ with the Martians as possible. One area being looked at for future investigation was the fact that the Egyptians were able to make it across the Atlantic to the Americas. Scant evidence at Giza suggested such efforts but some hard evidence has been located including a small stele dated at 900 B.C.E. with Egyptian hieroglyphics on it on Long Island, New York! Some of those markings look very much like Martian script. This would match legends told by the local Algonquin Indians who report that they had traded with “men from the stars” as well as men from ‘across the great sea.” There was a great deal more human history to uncover from our dark past.

Along with the briefings on Egypt we received several reports that many ancient areas where the desert or natural stones had been turned to glass by extreme local heat had made contact with Martians. More often than not these places held high levels of background radiation along with ancient structures which showed that great local battles had been waged in these areas. On almost every continent on Earth we had found evidence of at least some type of off world interference in the affairs of mankind from the earliest times until today. Mankind it would appear had never really been alone at any time during our long history on Earth! And it wasn’t just the Martians who were dropping by to look in on our water-filled world. We seem to have attracted the attention of several “others” over the centuries as well. Who these intelligent beings are, we have yet to discover.


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