NYC’s very own Sam Allan is kicking off 2022 with a bang with a massive release. He’s teamed up with vocalist team Daudia for their intoxicating single, “Why Don’t You Love Me“, signed to Thomas Gold’s prestigious Fanfare Records.

It’s a huge signing and rightfully deserved, encompassing every facet of becoming an anthem both in the clubs and at festivals. Melodic, uplifting, and contagiously addicting, “Why Don’t You Love Me” is a song that you will probably find yourself listening to on repeat.

Here’s what Sam Allan had to say about it:

It was great having the opportunity to work with Daudia on my newest original ‘Why Don’t You Love Me.’ We’re really excited to finally be able to share it with everybody, especially on a label as notable as Thomas Gold’s Fanfare Records.” 

Listen to “Why Don’t You Love Me” by Sam Allan ft. Daudia below!


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