On The Daily Show, Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight titleholder Francis Ngannou discussed his friendship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ahead of his UFC 270 title fight.

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“I always look up to somebody like The Rock, Dwayne Johnson,” Ngannou revealed. “Recently, he noticed me and now we even chat. I text and The Rock texts back, and sometimes he [leaves] me a voicemail. When I wake up someday, I just listen to The Rock’s voice message. I’ll go out that day and I work double of what I [was] supposed to work. I’m just motivated. I’m like, ‘Damn, The Rock just left me a message. This is it.’ The enthusiasm, the motivation of that message.

“Then I realized how great is it to be in the position that you have that power to maybe just talk to somebody and change his day or his life. I want to be the same thing for others. Basically, knowing from where I came from [in Cameroon], that’s what we need. We just need hope. From my experience, I believe that somebody that has hope and self-believing is a successful person. Doesn’t matter if you have zero dollars in your bank account. That faith will push you out there and then will make you a successful person.”

Check out the full The Daily Show Francis Ngannou interview below:

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