The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel percussion section ,

The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel percussion section, featuring Grammy Award winning percussionists Omar Ledezma Jr on timbales and cajon and Javier Cabanillas on congas with Bosphorus Cymbals Artist Brian Andres on the drum set. They discuss their approach to creating some of the rhythms they performed on their latest recording, This Could Be That, on Bacalao Records.

EDIT: Unfortunately, at the 4:46 mark I said that I play the cross stick on the 2 & 4 when I really meant the 2 & 5 if you’re counting the eighth notes in 6. Sorry for the confusion! – Brian

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Video Credits
Tom Ehrlich- Videography / Photography
Michael Lazarus – Production Coordinator/Video Mastering/Mixing –
Recorded at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco, Ca 2016


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