The Resident TV show on FOX: (canceled or renewed?)

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The Resident will return to FOX earlier than planned. The medical drama was scheduled to return on February 1st. Per TV Insider, the next new episode will air a week earlier, on January 25th.

The change was first revealed on Twitter by FOX. Check out that announcement below.

Starring Matt Czuchry, Manish Dayal, Bruce Greenwood, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Jane Leeves, Anuja Joshi, Jessica Lucas, and Miles Fowler, the series follows the lives of the staff of Chastain hospital.

The mid-season finale ended with Conrad Hawkins (Czuchry) sharing test results with Dr. Bell (Greenwood, above, center)). The elder doctor has been experiencing issues impacting him in the operating room in recent episodes. Executive producer Andrew Chapman revealed more about what fans will see next on The Resident:

“It’s definitely medical. It’s definitely going to be an issue that we play going into the future. It’s going to be important for his character and for his soap with [Dr.] Kit [Voss, played by Jane Leeves] and his relationship to Conrad, who obviously will know about it but has been sworn to secrecy. And it will mark sort of a new path for Bell. [There’s] very much a level of drama and stakes really for Bell and where he’s going with his life and how he continues to be a doctor at Chastain. It’s a real thing. We’re definitely going to dive into it.”

What do you think? Are you excited about the return of The Resident on FOX?

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