Torrei Hart and Kevin Hart divorced each other in 2011, but Torrei has no plans to give up her ex-husband’s last name.

“That’s something that people always ask me, and I’m like: That’s my name — get over it!” Torrei told on Oct. 12 while leaving LAX.

“They’re gonna always have something to say, but I’m gonna be a Hart until I decide not to be. And that’s just what it is,” Torrei, a comedian in her own right, continued.

Torrei defended her decision: “‘Cause it’s mine, first of all.”

“Second of all, ’cause Kevin never asked for it back — he don’t want [me] to give it back, he’s not trippin’,” she said, adding, “And third of all: my kids don’t want me to change my name.”

Torrei Hart and Kevin married in 2003 and finalized their divorce in 2011. They have two children together, a son Hendrix, 14, and a 16-year-old daughter Heaven.

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There’s no career advantage to keeping the Hart last name “because you can have a name, but if you’re not doing the work, what good is the name?”

Torrei said she “hustles every single day” to earn opportunities to advance in her career. “I network, I’ve been training, I put in the word — Like ‘Yo, this project looks like it could fit me.’ Like, I hustle,” added the actress and producer.

Besides, Torrei believes that Kevin owes something for continuing to use her as a punchline in his comic routines.

“So I’m still part of your life — plug my stuff!” she said. “America: tell him I said plug my stuff. Y’all go spam his page and tell him: ‘Plug Torrei’s stuff.'”

She said her ex also owes a big present he promised her during his Netflix special “Zero F**ks Given.

“Yeah Kevin! You know what time it is — plug my projects! I’m coming for you, ’cause you ain’t never given me my Tesla (truck)!” she joked.

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