Ever since Marylin Monroe – Hollywood has always celebrated the newest starlets on the rise. Their beauty and talent make them eye candy for the average filmgoer, keeping their eyes glued to the screen. We as movie lovers will always revere the new crop of talented lovely’s to grace the studio system. Here are my top 5 new actresses on the rise in the movie industry.


Talia Ryder has done everything from indies to Blockbuster films. She gambled on her herself. At the ripe young age of 13, she begged her mother to audition for Matilda the Musical on Broadway. That would be her breakout role-playing Hortensia. The role won her critical acclaim at the Sundance film festival for her role in Never Rarely Sometimes Always. Afterward, the talented actress was cast in West Side Story. Ryder’s career is at the beginning stages, yet she proved that she has the goods to make it in Tinseltown. Her next role is Joy Womack in Joika. Her star is burning brightly.


After ten years in the game, Jenna Ortega rose to fame playing a young Jane Villanueva in CW’s series Jane the Virgin. The Latina actress has worked with some of the biggest studios in Hollywood. She has started her career in The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and Scream. After acting in more than fifteen television series and blockbuster movies, Ortega has proven to be a veteran thespian on the silver and small screen. Her future projects include Ti West’s X. Wednesday Addams was the star of the Netflix series Wednesday, which gained her international notoriety. She will be a household fixture in no time.


Known for her role as Poison Ivy in the third season of Batwoman — Nicole Kang is starting to become a household name. Spurred on by a professor, she rolled the dice — changing from accounting to acting at NYU. The gamble paid off beautifully. You might have seen Kang in the Netflix hit series You. She also won best-supporting actor at the Vancouver Horror Show for Ten Minutes To Midnight. Nicole Kang is steadily on her way to becoming a force in the show biz. She is changing hats and producing the short film Jack and Jane as well as her own project in June. Keep your eyes peeled for this woman of many talents.


Melissa Barrera’s career is an impressive one. She attended the Collaborative Arts Project 21 as part of the Tisch School of Arts at NYU, afterward gaining major attention during her time on La Academia of TV Azteca and recently in the Heights, and Scream. Barrera was the face of Mexican television where she earned critical acclaim for her acting, landing leading roles while winning awards during her theatre stints. Barrera’s slated to play the lead role in Carmen coming to a theater near you.


As a teenager – Saniyya Sidney has worked with the industry’s most respected actors and directors including – Octavia SpencerJanelle Monae, and Viola Davis as well as others. She has won the SAG award for Best Ensemble and lead in Amy Belafonte’s – The Passage. The young actress has taken on challenging roles that allow her talents to shine. Saniyya recently played the role of Venus Williams in King Richard with Will Smith. The talented young starlet is going to portray Sasha Obama in The First Lady. The girl is no Joke. Get ready for the next of the best.

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